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Platinum Partner with Motorola & the Largest dealer in India for Two-Way-Radios



We are the largest & platinum dealer  of Motorola two way radios in India and we are exclusively authorized by Motorola for Service/ repair of Motorola Intrinsically safe Radios

We do have more than 400 clients in India.

We are known for the quality and product support as we never compromised on the product quality even at competitive prices.

We represent MOTOROLA, RADWIN, CAMBIUM, ARMTEL and other leading OEM for their complete range of Products and Solutions.

We  have  invested  a  lot  of  effort  in  bringing  products  suitable  for  working  in  critical  and hazardous  environment  and  a portfolio  of  intrinsically  safe  and  explosion  proof  products  is readily available with us. IS Products are certified by competent agencieslike Factory Mutual & ATEX. These products and solutions are suitable for Oil & Gas,
Chemical & Fertilizer, Mining, Power Plants, SteelPlants and similar work environments.

We have structured thoughtful partnerships  with  global  players  in  our  endeavour  to  offer  “One  Stop  Solution.”  We  offer solutions  for Two-way  intrinsically  safe(IS) analogue  and digital radios in VHF, UHF  and HF bands, Trunking system, Microwave digital radio links in licensed & unlicensed bands, intrinsically safe PA systems, intrinsically safe  data collection systems (Scanners, Printers and RFID), Intrinsically safe Wi-Fi cameras & Access points , IP exchanges and Security Solutions.

What is licence free walkie talkie ?
For some people it’s pretty straight forward – licensed two way radios require license, license-free radios don’t.
Here are some of the FAQ we meet with on everyday basis:-
why do I need to get a license? Why should I bother to get a license? How are the licensed radios better? What are the differences?
Licence Free Two Way Radios :-
Let’s have a look at the licence-free radios. When you purchase your license-free radios you are all ready to use them.
You should consider buying license-free radios if you work over a smaller area and you don’t need a large coverage (depending on territory license-free should provide coverage of about 1mile).
If you are buying two way radios for leisure such as hiking or road trips.
The only Disadvantages of license-free radios are that other users can transmit on the same frequency therefore you might receive unwanted traffic and hear conversations of other people.
It also works both ways – the people operating on the same frequency can hear your conversations too.
Therefore, we usually don’t recommend license-free radios for schools or institutions where sensitive information might be released during the usage of two way radios.


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